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  Rupo Chugani-Group Chairman   Deepak Chugani-President  
Rupo Chugani
Group Chairman
Deepak Chugani
     Fact Sheet  
Name of Company PT. Classic Prima Carpet Industries
Address Jl. Rungkut Industri II/39, Surabaya, Indonesia
Telephone +62-31-8438331
Fax +62-31-8439085
Date Established March 08, 1983
Paid-up Capital IDR 50,000,000,000
Number of Employees 485
Size of Land 45,500 square meters
Size of Building 30,400 square meters
Main Products Carpets, Rugs, Mats, Tiles and Yarns
    Attitude, character, and culture, are three extremely important characteristics that make up a reliable company.

Reliability expresses the quality or state of being reliable, suitable or fit to be relied on: dependable.

We at Classic Carpets believe in the words of Professor Theodore Levitt:
A Customer is an asset that is usually more precious than the tangible assets on the balance sheet. You can usually buy balance sheet assets, there are lots of willing sellers. You cannot so easily buy customers.

Classic Carpets’ ever so dependable team, coupled with its reliable resources, ensure that our Customers wishes are always a priority.

PT. CPCI Code of Conduct

The Team
  The Team  
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